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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So Long JT's Hoops Blog, Welcome Slap Dog Hoops

As some of my followers may know, I have had to shut down my baby of four years JT's Hoops Blog down due to malware problems. So I decided that instead of trying in vain to fix the problem and have the malware warnings the Google posts when somebody visits me continue to ruin my online reputation, I would take action.  It was with great pain that I took down a site that I have worked on for nearly half a decade; however, it was all for the best.  Now it is time to turn the page to a new chapter with a new name and new attitude.

Some of you may ask, why call it "Slap Dog Hoops?" Well first of all it was my nickname in university--don't ask me how I got it, my years in college were such a blur.  All I know that that name has stuck with me even today--there are some people that knew me for years a "Slappy"or "Slap Dog"and never knew my new name.  I plan to use "Slap Dog" as my new alter-ego because it has bit more edge than just calling myself "JT"--that and in truth I was not able to reuse the name as it was associated with distributing malware.

So expect a lot of new stuff meshed with the old as I start a new era in basketball blogging.  For starters, I will not only cover the NBA, but I will also look to cover the D-League, International Leagues and NCAA College basketball.  My Worst to First rankings will remain a staple of the blog, but of course, instead of calling it "JT Hoops Blog's," it will now be known as "Slap Dog Hoops'" or SDH for short.  I think it sound stronger and more reputable name for sure and I will be starting my new era by posting a bit of the old.

Since I was not able to finish my "Worst to First Previews and Predictions," on my previous site, I have decided to re-post them on this site from number 30 to five.  Once that is done, I will finish the countdown posting the final four teams.  It is pretty obvious who will be the top team coming into this upcoming season; however, I will just keep the suspense going for just a little while longer.  After that, it is anyone's guess what I will put up next--it's a new day, so I am pretty much in the dark as you are.  So stay tuned for future posts courtesy of myself, the Slap Dog, and thanks you for choosing my site for your hoop needs.